Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ready for School to start!

Update Facilities +Oversight

We are ready for school!  The last items of punch list are being worked mostly paint and cleaning.  Karin is busy getting teachers the new cards for getting into the building.  Alica and Marion are trying to multitask for in service and also final details on moving.   Setting up the new spaces in such a short period of time is challenging but they are all working hard.

The pond liner went in today.  The fence is going up tomorrow and the pond will be ready in the first days of September.  

Teachers are working really hard to set their rooms.  Everybody is so happy in their new spaces!!

We can't wait to see the kids expressions as they walk into their new spaces.

Please save the date for our New School Celebration!  
October 3
East Montpelier Elementary School

No pictures you will have to come see!!  We can't wait to share the building with the kids and the entire community!

Amy from the Times Argus was today at School so look out for an article on your school soon!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


We are right on schedule!  

The 1965 wing rooms are 95% finish, they are waiting for some window sills but other than that they are done.  

Bill Ford and Dan are going to start the punch list for that space on August 6th.

The 1989 wing 3 rooms are completed with flooring and the we have 7 painters working in today.

Almost all of the Landscape is done!  If you drive by take a look it looks great.

A lot is happening at the same time but all work is flowing and staying on schedule.

The pond work has started and we are still waiting for the shed price and preschool fence.  These 3 items will be finished after the completion date.  

Commissioning is happening on 4th and 7th with John Penny. All subs are ready for this to happen and have coordinated the date. 

What is commissioning?

We are testing all the systems and components that were designed and spec  by our Architect and Engineers.  They make sure all of the systems have been installed correctly and tested so they are operating properly.  


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Update on Construction

Update Oversight and Facilities + Schedule

The Oversight Committee had a meeting today and we gave them an update on the Schedule and the Pond.

We reviewed the Schedule
We made it clear that the site subcontractor filing for Chapter 11 doesn't affect finishing the Site work and getting the pond done.
A new day for Commissioning of all systems is on the works, John Penny will be back when Control Tech and Brownell is ready.

Schedule this week:

Sheet rocking windows still going on.  Metal bending this morning for the rest of the flashing on windows.
Rough-in inspections for both the rest of 65 and 89 are done.
Moisture mitigation in the rest of the building is done we are finishing the corridors in the res of 1965 area.
We are putting flooring down in the classrooms that are ready in 1965.
They will be done sheet rocking this week.

The new door into the gym going in:

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

We are  currently on schedule!
The progress list for this week includes:

New American Elm's have been planted in the front and look beautiful.
They are working on sandblasting
Strong push all past week for doing all the roughing in.
They continue to work in the 65 addition suffits and tapping is going on.
Electrical Inspector was here to look at all the rough in.
The pond is starting on Monday and Wright and Morrisey is doing it with his own staff.
We meausure for a couple of new shades in the conference room and the reception window area.

Ady Shapiro was here and did a door blower test and was happy with all the work.

Commissioning is behind a little bit and we were not completely ready for John Penny last week.

bushes in

Trees ready to be planted

Monday, July 7, 2014

Update Oversight + Facilities

We had an Oversight Committee Meeting today July 2, 2014; Marty Miller, Alice Angney, Albert Petrella, Alicia Lyford were present.

Here are some high ights:

Don Marsh, Bill Ford, Strummer and Flor walked the pond site and also staked the proposed Garage site in the upper parking lot.  We will need a zoning permit for the garage, the hearing will be on August 5th.  

Alice suggested we might want to add a little stretch of side walk to link the side walk by the temporary parking lot

The temporary wall  in the music room is down and the carpet is in good shape not much fixing then.

Masonary filling the door openings is starting this week too.  The gym door has been taken down and the new door with sidelights is going in now.

Roof  opening in the learning center for the new skylight will be in this week too.

Landscape is going in little by little..  shrubs will come in at least some of them this week.

Andy is doing his walk through tomorrow to make sure air barrier is all 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Phase IV started on June 21

WM has been picking up some time and it is moving along really good.  Demo will be done 100%
Framing is going in and windows will be going in.
Andy Shapiro will be doing a door blower test tomorrow he has been happy with all the air barrier walk through on Phase IV.
Electrical and Plumbing rough ins are in and we will having the inspection for electrical this week.

We have decided to proceed with the bead blasting and moisture mitigation and leveling in the '89 wing.

The only set back has been finding some mold in the walls that is being abated and cleaned and dispose properly.  They are working together so it is not holding our schedule back.

The painters are not done in the Phase III with punch list and finishing all the touch up work need it.

Short Term Parking Lot Heaving
We have received a report from Don Marsh May 30th 2014.  The catch basin needs to be lowered to have positive drainage.   He will like to have all the grades around and get elevation numbers before a final decision is made.

The Fire Water Pond is going in after the appeal period is over.  We have a permit to build it and a fence that is 8'high is included and we will be really careful about not cutting trees in the 50' set back.

WM will replace one door and one partition at no cost to us, it was damage while it was stored.

The Preschool fence is being designed and the Garage Shed for the Tractor is on the works.

Pictures coming!