Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Update April 23,2014

They are full guns out in the addition! (Contractor language!)
First coat of paint in the new offices, library and cafeteria.
They are working on the library addition floors now and the entry way recess matt slabs.
The Stage Curtain was hanged yesterday.
We did some testing on the temporary parking area today, were we have some heaving from frost.
We continue to work on the final update for the Fire Water Pond.
The new kitchen equipment is on site.
The new marmoleum flooring will start to be installed this week.
The Structural engineer came to review the structure in Phase III and he was happy with everything.
The Beam bearing was reviewed and he will send us a site visit report.

New cafeteria

glass windows from hallway tto cafeteria

New Skylight!

look who is supervising the job after school!

 cafeteria with the new green and mayan gold on the walls!
looking at the time capsule, it will be on the library side wall as you enter the building.

sketches on site to install the metal box for the time capsule

Thank you Wright and Morrisey and Truex Cullins for all your hard work!!
Thank you Bill Ford too!

Thank you to you East Montpelier for your support and your patience!!

Monday, April 7, 2014


Wright and Morrissey has accepted the early substantial completion on Phase III on May 23, 2024!!
EMES Staff affected by this move will vacate the six classrooms on the West end of the 1965 addition. Asbestos abatement will start of May 27, 2014 for no more that 10 days.

On the site they are done installing new windows on the Phase III section.  They continue to finalize the roofing in the 1965 part of the School and they are busy finalizing the library framing and roof structure.
The New Cafeteria is all framed and closed in.  Plumbing inspection is done and now they are finalizing electrical, blocking and in some areas they are putting up the Sheet Rock!!  It is moving along fast and on schedule!!

Getting in an out of the drop off circle and parking is still hard so we appreciate your patience and remember it is temporary.   Most kids have taken a tour of the building and are enjoying seeing the progress.

The Oversight Committee is meeting twice a month every other Wednesday at 8:30 am and the main goal of the Committee is to make sure more people can be informed of the progress and can share with their neighbors and friends.  The Committee is also working on the Capital Plan with Todd's input.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to post them in this blog, email or or call the School.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Construction and renovation continues in the 1965 portion of the building.  We have 3 months left for this phase to be finished!! and then we will start Phase 4.

-Structural Steel is in.
-Block infill and sheet rock infills are being worked out in the      most creative way we can. 
-Brunel Roofing has started roofing the kitchen and new cafeteria.
-All demo in kitchen is done and new plumbing and trenches in the exiting slab have been taken care of. Kitchen infill in slab and new slab will be pour tomorrow.
-Andy Shapiro is on site today checking air Leakage.  
-Sprinkler for this area has been rough in to.

The good news is the paint issue in the gym has been resolved!  The gym had a lot of work done over vacation and it is re-painted now.  Here are some pictures of them striping the paint and prepping for the new paint.


Friday, February 28, 2014

See you at Pre-Town Meeting at U32 tomorrow!
9:30 am

Facilities Report
The EMES Renovation and Expansion project recently entered Phase III!  It is hard to believe that a year ago we were thanking you for passing the bond and hoping to go out to Bid.  Final plans were submitted by TruexCullins last spring, and Wright and Morrissey was awarded the bid in June, 2013. 
At this point in the project we are on budget and on schedule.  We owe a huge thank-you to Wright and Morrissey, TruexCullins Architects, our Clerk of the Works, and support from the EMES and WCSU Staff and Administration.
A recap of Phases I and II (June 24th, 2013 - December 22, 2013):
·      Preliminary site work to improve drainage around the entire building and existing parking lot; prep work on the temporary parking spaces, and adding an additional parent drop-off loop and bus loop in the front of the building.
·      Renovations to the existing Gym, which included new bleachers, a new floor, asbestos removal, new bench areas, acoustic panels, mechanical, lighting, and a PE storage area. 
·      The majority of Phase II was devoted to the South addition.  This addition included two new classrooms, a new Music and Art room, Bathrooms, Tutoring Space, and a Language Room. 
Plans for Phase III (December 2013-June 23,2014):
·      The existing music room down to the K/1 exit, near the short term parking, relocated to the new wing over the December break.  Construction in the new library, the pre-k classroom, and the “admin suite,” which includes guidance, health, occupational therapy, a conference room, staff room, and the principals’ office, will take place over the winter and spring of 2014. 
·      The kitchen and new cafeteria will be built in the latter part of Phase III.  This work will also include the asbestos abatement in the kitchen, which will happen during the February school Break.  (NOTE:  Town Meeting will be at U32 this year.)
Plans for Phase IV (June 2014 – August 2014):
·      The contractors will complete the site work that began in Phases II and III, as well as all other work in the existing building.  The renovation of the last section of the 1965 wing, as well as the 1989 wing will happen during these last few months.   This will include heating, mechanical, new windows, insulation, lighting fixtures, new built-ins and more.   The existing library will become two primary classrooms, and the existing bathrooms will be renovated.  This work will be completed by August 2014.
There are two life-safety requirements that we will need to comply with: a Fire Pond and a South exit egress path that were not part of our original budget.  We will continue to work on the details of these requirements, ensuring the Board has all the information before final decisions are made.
We want to thank you for your continued support.  This project would never have been possible without the East Montpelier Community!  Thank you for caring about our school and advancing the next generation!
Alicia Lyford and Flor Diaz Smith

Construction is moving quickly on Phase III

The kitchen is now close but do not worry breakfast and lunch will be served at school!!  Please visit the school webpage for the lunch menu in March.

Activities at School this week:

Kitchen asbestos abetment is happening now during break.
All demo is done in the east section of the 1965 area of the school.  From the temporary parking look to the gym area.
Trenches for plumbing are now closed.
Interior framming is going in now.
No surprises in storm and sewer lines.
Roof might be going on by the end of the week.
Stripping paint in the gym to re-paint.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Work continues at EMES this week, the construction is centered on the cafeteria addition on the back for now.  The section of 1965 building that was moved to the new south addition is still being worked on for asbestos removal.  Techtron Environmental is doing the abatement work and Chrothers Environmental is supervising and making sure all of the safety procedures are followed.

A negative-pressure filtration is the primary system that is being used.  It prevents asbestos contamination throughout the rest of the building.  Negative air machines will run constantly throughout the project until the work is complete and final air quality test is done.   The walls and ceilings have been covered with poly and a new partition wall was built to separate the work area and the rest of the building.

Chrothers Environmental is at the site daily to take reading and make sure the system is working and we don't have any contamination.

We have signs that instruct on the asbestos hazards and they will remain in place until the final clearance air monitoring has been conducted before the construction workers move into the space to remodel.

If you have any questions or will like a copy of the air quality or safety procedures please don't hesitate to ask.

More pictures coming soon!

Reminder:  2014 TOWN MEETING IS AT U32

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Message from East Montpelier Principal / NEW TEMPORARY ENTRANCE

Happy New Year, EMES Families and Staff!

  • When you arrive at EMES tomorrow morning, you will notice that the main entrance is no longer accessible.  Students will enter at the main doors of the new wing.   We have created a crossing section at the new entrance for students to cross safely when exiting/boarding the buses.  Students that are being dropped off in the parent loop will also cross at the designated crossing section.   Alicia and I will be outside, as usual, to help navigate the new crossing paths.  
  • If you are parking at EMES and coming inside with your child, you can park in the usual short term parking area.  You will have to walk around the front of the building and into the new front entrance.  The paths will be clearly marked for you.  
  •  The classrooms/offices  effected by the move include: Kindergarten, First Grade, Mrs. Gannon's Homeroom, Music, Nurse's Office, Main Office, School Counselor, and Community Connections.  EMES teachers will be visible in the entrance way so that students are guided to their new locations, if applicable. You will continue to sign in/out your child when arriving late or dismissing early at the main office.  You will see the temporary offices as you enter the building on the left!  
  • I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.  We are eager to greet your children back after this long break and start the new year!  Please come check out the construction progress!  A comprehensive construction update will be included in the next EMES Newsletter on January 10th
Warmly, Marion